Recycle Scheme Update

Recycle Scheme Update

FCC Environment (UK) have presented South Hams District Council with a plan to put right their struggling new recycling service.

South Hams District Council has continued to express its dissatisfaction with FCC’s role out of the Council’s new recycling service and have insisted that the contractors take specific steps to fulfil their contractual obligations.

At an extraordinary meeting of South Hams District Council, held specifically to discuss the current challenges facing the new recycling service, Councillors discussed the proposals put forward by FCC.

Before the meeting, FCC’s recovery plan was rigorously scrutinised by the Council’s officers.

Cllr Keith Baldry South Hams District Council’s Executive Member for the Environment said: “I am still very concerned about the level of service that we have been giving the public in some parts of the South Hams.  As the lead member for Waste and Recycling, I take responsibility for that. It is not good for the image of the South Hams and it has been going on for too long.

“I would personally like to apologise to the public on behalf of South Hams District Council, for all of the distress and inconvenience that you have experienced.

“As a Council we are treating this situation with the upmost urgency and are currently allocating all resources we can to support FCC.  We now have a Senior Management Team embedded with FCC and we are being proactive in solving problems on a daily basis as they arise.

“However, I remain deeply let down by FCC’s failure to roll out the Kerbside service effectively. We therefore demanded that FCC give us a plan to put this horrendous situation right.  They have now given us that plan and we have meticulously scrutinised it.

“Firstly, we expect FCC to collect all of the outstanding recycling, paying particular attention to those households that have been repeatedly missed and our most vulnerable residents on assisted collections.

“FCC have told the Council that they expect to collect recycling on the right day for all residents within by the middle of July.

“And secondly we expect FCC to give us a detailed long term solution which will see all residents moved onto the new recycling service as they are contracted to do. They have told us that they expect this to be fully completed before the end of 2021.

“This is an evolving situation that we will continue to monitor and ensure FCC Environment deliver the service to the levels that our residents expect and deserve.”

In the short term, 26,000 residents will continue to have their recycling sorted at the kerbside into the new vehicles. 11,000 residents will have their recycling collected in a different vehicle and it will be sorted at a local sorting facility. 8000 residents, will remain on the clear and blue sack system for the time being.

All residents are being asked to continue to separate their recycling following the instructions, regardless of which vehicle arrives on your collection day. This will ensure that your recycling is separated and ready to be sorted at the kerbside as soon as the new service resumes.

The Council will also directly contact all of those people who have been impacted the most, with further information about what to do now.

FCC have given the Council assurances that absolutely nothing will go to landfill.