Terms of Reference

Stoke Fleming Parish Council Neighbourhood Development Plan

Purpose of the Group

The Preparation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the Parish, in consultation with the wider community, local groups and interested parties.

Objectives of the Group

To facilitate the process of achieving an adopted Neighbourhood Development Plan for the future development and sustainability of the Parish of Stoke Fleming.

Membership & Governance

Membership of the Steering Group will comprise nine Parish Councillors initially, volunteers drawn from local groups, and those who expressed an interest during the initial consultation with a maximum of 15 members at any one time.

Members of the Steering Group will debate the issues and policies inherent in the production of the Plan in consultation with the community. Members with particular expertise in certain areas will head up specific projects / policies.

When required, members can be replaced or invited to attend to further a project or policy, or if a member is not willing or able to continue as a member of the Steering Group. The community will be encouraged to share knowledge and contribute during the process.

Declarations of Interest will be dealt with as per the Parish Council’s Standing Orders, in that anyone who has a pecuniary interest in the policy/project under discussion will be asked to declare it, and if deemed necessary will not take part in that discussion.

Voting by Members of the Steering Group will be by a show of hands, and a majority decision adopted, with a quorum of 6 required for any vote, the Chairman having a casting vote if necessary.

The Parish Council should oversee the expenditure and programme of work as advised by the Steering Group, in consultation with the community. Any recommendation to amend the numbers of the Steering Group, or change the projects/policies already confirmed, will be referred to the Parish Council for a decision.

Any contentious issue not able to be dealt with by the Steering Group, will be put to the Parish Council for resolution.

Reporting and Feedback

All meetings, minutes and notices will be in the public domain and will be put on the Parish Council’s website and in the Parish Magazine, copies will be kept by the Parish Clerk for public inspection. Meetings are open to all members of the Parish to attend, and all groups and interested parties will be encouraged to participate.
The production of a Neighbourhood Plan is an inclusive process with the whole community deciding on the future of the Parish.

Resources and Finance

Grant funding applications from the Sustainable Community Locality Fund will be applied for and other funding streams investigated, with mentoring and guidance from Officers at South Hams District Council to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for the Parish. Subsequent resources required will be determined by the Steering Group.

Monitoring & Review

Monitoring of the plan will be ongoing, with regular reports from the Steering Group, and progress will be monitored by the Parish Council. The adoption of a Neighbourhood Development Plan is vital to ensure a vibrant, sustainable and environmentally healthy Parish for future generations.