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Parish Council Minutes and Agendas are available as PDF files by clicking either Agenda or Minutes alongside the appropriate date in the Parish Council Minutes and Agendas page.

Council Meetings normally take place on the first Wednesday of a month at 7pm in the Ron Harris Room of the Village Hall.

Meetings, at the moment, are being held remotely under the Local Authorities Regulations.

In addition to Parish Council Minutes, this page will be used for any other items of interest which the Council may wish to publicise on this website.

Parish Council Meeting in the Ron Harris room in the village hall

Photo – Barry Morris – Copyright

Parish Council Information


Register of Electors 2020

Request for Full Register

Devon Carbon Plan

Devon Climate Emergency Website Information

Public Notice of Polling Districts

Review of Polling Districts

List of Polling Districts

Current Polling Stations

Annual Parish Report 2020

Stoke Fleming School Report 2020

Stoke Fleming School Report 2019

Stoke Fleming School Report 2018

Parish Organisations Report 2020

Parish Organisations Report 2019

Parish Organisations Report 2018


Dartmouth Academy Report 2020

Notice of Public Rights 2019
Notice of Public Rights 2018

Insurance Schedule 2019

Insurance Schedule 2018
Insurance Schedule 2017

Certificate of Exemption 2020

Employers Liability Certificate 2020

Employers Liability Certificate 2019
Employers Liability Certificate 2018

Employers Liability Certificate 2017

Annual Governance & Accountability 2019/20

Annual Governance & Accountability 2019
Annual Governance & Accountability Return Guidance Notes 2018

Accounts Statement 2019/20

Accounts Statement 2018/19
Accounts Statement 2017/18

Accounts Statement 2016/17

Accounts Statement 2015/16

Accounts Statement 2014/15

Governance Statement 2019/20

Governance Statement 2018/19
Governance Statement 2017/18

Governance Statement 2016/17
Governance Statement 2015/16

Governance Statement 2014/15

Annual Internal Audit 2019/20

Annual Internal Audit 2018/19
Annual Internal Audit 2017/18

Annual Internal Audit 2016/17

Annual Internal Audit 2015/16

Annual Internal Audit 2014/15

Fixed Assets 2018/19
Fixed Assets 2017/18

Fixed Assets 2016/17

Fixed Assets 31/3/16

Fixed Assets 2014/15 

Final Statement of Accounts 2019/20

Final Statement of Accounts 2018/19
Final Statement of Accounts 2017/18

Final Statement of Accounts 2016/17

Final Statement of Accounts 2015/16

Final Statement of Accounts 2014/15

Conclusion of Audit 2017/18

Conclusion of Audit 2018/19

External Audit Confirmation 2018/19

Stoke Fleming Parish Council – Code of Conduct

Register of Interests

Struan Coupar

David Harris

Marion Holmes

Hazel Smith

Jack Handley

Jojo Szota

John Belli


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