Totnes & Kingsbridge


Thirteen miles by road, nine by the river, Totnes is a lively town with a decidedly bohemian air. The main street, which rises from the river uphill past the 14th century castle, for about a kilometre, is lined with shops of all kinds, and there are many bars, cafes and restaurants. Each week there is are markets on Friday and Saturday, during the summer months there is also an Elizabethan market on Tuesday and once a month there is a Sunday Good Food Market.

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Like Totnes, Kingsbridge lies at the highest navigable point on an estuary, in this case one with the holiday town of Salcombe at its mouth. Ferries run between the two. Kingsbridge is another bustling town, 13 miles from Stoke Fleming by the inland route, 15 miles by the coastal road. It has a wide range of facilities and markets on Tuesdays all year round, and Mondays and Thursdays part of the year and a farmer’s market on the first and third Saturdays of each month.

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