Survey on A N O B Landscapes

Survey on A N O B Landscapes

We just want to make you aware of an ongoing research project happening in the AONBOur Imprint – how we are shaping the landscape is a study from the University of Bologna in cooperation with University of Plymouth. In short, the project examines how rural development has shaped our landscape over time and our perception of ‘countryside’. South Devon is one of  several cases studies around Europe including Gotland in Sweden.


We want to hear your thoughts about the South Devon AONB landscape. We are interested in how you are use this protected landscape and what you appreciate and value about it.

You can share your thoughts in our short online survey here:

If you want any further information, please contact the PhD researcher Hanna Elisabet Åberg from the University of Bologna  [email protected]

To get more background on the project you can watch this web talk